What is the best studying tip? 17 best study tips.

Are you suffering from procrastination? Just have a read, and you will find the best solution.

 What are the best studying tips?

 Studying tips mean the average tips which help you solve your study-related crises. To suffer from problems is, but if you don’t solve them that it is abnormal. If you are facing challenges related to your studies, you should help yourself by following bits of advice.

 The following are study techniques that work:

 1. Study smarter, not harder.

 2. Pomodoro technique. 

 3. Morning motivation and positivity 

 4. the value of time 

 5. Make a vision board

 6. keep difficult things first 

 7. Thoughts become things

 8. Meditation 

 9. Rubber band technique 

 10. Train your brain 

 11. wear a watch during the study 

 12. maintain your study routine 

 13. Use flashcards 

 14. Memorize things 

 15. Take a caffeine nap 

 16. Take quality sleep 

 17. Away from fear 

 1. Study smarter, not harder: 

 Mostly, in our lives, we choose a hard way to do anything significant to us. Instead of choosing a hard mode, you can select a relatively mid-way to do that because it will change your mood. It depends on whether you are doing something in a happy mood or sorrowful. If you study intelligently, then you will be more successful. 

 Suppose you’re given a task that is study related. Now, if you do it thinking that it is hard, then definitely you will forget its lesson after some time, but if you do the same thing by giving a signal to your mind that it’s easy, then you will remember the lessons of it even after a long time. So first of all, have a deep breath and start working.

 2. Pomodoro technique:

 Studying techniques like Pomodoro is one of the best study hacks. You will be wondering why I am saying this. Because it also helps you to have free time after study intervals. So, the question is, “what is the Pomodoro technique?”

 It is an effective way of studying in which you look for some time with full attention, then have a break of 10 to 15 minutes, then again check. You can set the Pomodoro technique timer by yourself. But in the interval after studying, I suggest that you not use social media. You can have a power nap instead; it will help you focus again on your studies.

 3. The value of time. 

 It is a famous proverb,

 “Time and Tide wait for none.”

 Yes, you have to value your time. Because you need to do so to ensure everyone can do it for you. So help yourself by giving value to your time. It is a crucial studying hack. If you are required to study 8 hours a day, you should.

 Keep your mobile away when studying because it is the main distraction nowadays. Our crucial time is wasted because of social media. We spend many hours on it and need to do something. So, value your time; you’re responsible for yourself. 

 4. Morning motivation and positivity:

 It is one of the best study hacks for exams. Read this fantastic book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne; it tells you how the law of attraction works for any person and the impact of positivity on our minds. Morning motivation helps you to empower your mind so that you can study more in less time. It is imperative for the excellent working of the brain during the whole day. 

 You can write a few sentences on paper full of positivity and motivation and give a 2 to 3 minutes read to it with a strong belief in yourself every morning. Trust me; it will bring unprecedented change in your life. 

5. Rubber band technique:

The rubber band technique is handy in eliminating negative thinking and distractions. It will help you to focus only on positive things. It is one of the best study techniques that work. Place a rubber band around your wrist.

 While studying, whenever a negative or energy-sapping thought comes into your mind, snap the rubber band. By this, your mind will connect pain with negative thinking. Ultimately, you will have an enormously positive mindset. Apply this technique and share it with your friends; they will thank you.

6. Keep difficult things first:

It is a habit of successful people. They always keep difficult things first. If you think something is difficult, then do it first. When you do, you will have a very positive and confident mind that will motivate you to do more. 

 Difficult things motivate you to do more, more, and more. They also teach you a lot. If you can’t do them, ask any experienced person about that, but don’t give up. Trust me; it will change your perspective on life.

7. Wear a watch during the study:

Attitude is everything. When you’re wearing a watch while studying, it will positively impact your mind and increase your study hours.

 It is psychologically proven that wearing a wristwatch while studying will increase your efficiency.

8. Make a vision board:

 You may think it is an unnecessary element. But it is very crucial because of its benefits. Pay attention to it even if it takes more than one day. Let me tell you the benefits of making a vision board.

 First, when you have your study-related goals on the vision board, you will remember them, and your mind will be adjusted according to your goals. And because of the law of attraction, you will attract the things you should do to complete the objectives.

9. Make a study routine:

Get up early, read morning motivation, and study according to your schedule. I suggest you study in the morning hours because the working capacity of the human brain is most remarkable during morning hours.

 There is a problem. Most of the students don’t follow their own designed study schedules. This depends on the thing that how responsible you’re. If you are a responsible student, you will follow your schedule. Take yourself by the collar and change your attitude if you’re not. Refrain from wasting your time on useless things.

10. Thoughts become things:

 It will be one of the best tips for studying for an exam. Whatever you think comes into your life. If you think positively and well while learning, good things will come to you through an exam.

 But if you think negatively while studying, you will not be able to make good grades. Your grades will always remain low if you don’t think of high rises. So, have a good and positive thought. 

11. Away from fear:

 Fear of not getting good grades is also a hindrance to studying. It is a valuable way of removing fear in study hacks and tips. Always have a positive mindset toward the future. Don’t fear. 

 If you fear the future, more fear-producing things will come to you. But if you think of a promising future with solid belief, you are an incredible force that no one can beat. Sometimes, fear is reasonable but don’t think of fear all time. It will break you.

12. Take quality sleep:

Quality of sleep definition is “having a sleep after which you feel fresh and brand-new.” Quality sleep hours vary for every person. You can check your quality of sleep hours by a straightforward method. You should wake up 15 minutes earlier every day, and when you feel fresh during the whole day, these are your quality sleep hours. 

 But doing this activity, your exercise time, food time, and all other actions should be kept the same. Quality sleep will help you study with an active mind, and you can give your full attention to your studies. So it’s one of the excellent studying tips.

13. Take a caffeine nap:

 It is proven that if you take a cup of coffee, body and take a nap of 15 to 20 minutes, it reduces the chemical in your which cause you to sleep. It will give you the strength to work actively throughout the day without sleepy behavior.

 Frequently, students feel sleepy during their studies. So studying hack will help you a lot to focus. But don’t drink coffee or tea for 10 hours before going to sleep because it will disturb your sleep quality. 

14. Meditation:

Meditation helps your brain to focus on great things. Meditation helps your body and brain to work together so that you can study better. You can also play meditation music for study to increase your focus. An important question about meditation is whether it will meditation help with anxiety. Yes, of course, it allows you to remain positive and away from stress.

 Just set aside five precious minutes of your day for meditation. Practice it in a calm and peaceful place. Focus on the birds’ voices and relax. You will experience excellent results within some days.

15. Use flashcards:

 Flash cards are widespread nowadays. Flashcards help you a lot with studying. Use flashcards to help in your study.

16. Memorize things:

Students who need help remembering topics often think about studying tips for memorization. I will tell you a fantastic hack for memorization. 

 When you study or memorize a topic, revise the same topic after one week; if you do this, you will remember that topic for one year, and if you revise the same subject after one month, then you will remember this topic for five years. It is one of the best study techniques for students.

17. Train your brain:

If you can train your brain, no one can defeat you. The brain is like a monkey’s. It acts the same way you think. If you train your mind about studying, your mind will be at peace only in the study. 

 So, training your brain is a good study hack that gives you more power. Make your brain a great passion for you. Also share it with your friends they will be grateful to you.


These are study hacks and tips which are the best study hacks for exams. Students who know the best studying tips are more successful than others. The best study tip is the Pomodoro technique which is also famous as one of the studying tips for finals. If you follow these studying techniques, you will get 95% plus in your exams.

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